Why SineWave Invested in Selector

Multi-cloud is a buzzword in the networking space today because we now understand that public, private and hybrid clouds must coexist to meet the needs of the modern enterprise. However, multi-cloud infrastructures and managed services have given rise to operational blind spots and resulting outages – disruptions that result in broken workflows as network engineers sink time and resources into manual processes for discovering and remediating the problem.

Downtime is costly: 91% organizations say an hour of downtime sets them back an average of $300,000 due to lost business, productivity disruptions and remediation efforts. Depending on what parts of the network are impacted, companies can incur legal liabilities and reputational damage, as well. As infrastructures continue to expand and become more complex, actionable visibility is essential for all enterprises.

With its AI/ML-powered Analytics platform, early-stage Silicon Valley startup Selector, is tooled and positioned perfectly to tap into the market opportunity for network-aware AIOps and we’re thrilled to invest in Selector’s Series A. To date, Selector has raised a total of $33 Million – and we’re proud to have contributed substantially to that effort.

Selector Analytics delivers usable AIOps and zero-touch analytics for complete observability and actionable insights across multiple domains. Using intuitive dashboards, teams can spring into action to remediate any issues within their multi-cloud infrastructures. With natural language search capability, engineers can ask any question about the network using everyday collaboration tools like Slack and Teams, with Google-like simplicity. This eliminates the need to write SQL queries from scratch, while giving engineers near-instant answers that they can share quickly and easily with other individuals and teams to facilitate rapid decision-making.

I was especially impressed with Selector’s leadership team. Co-founders Kannan Kothandaraman and Nitin Kumar bring to the table extensive networking, application and data science expertise, with leadership positions at Juniper, Cisco, AWS and Nutanix under their belt. What they’ve created with Selector Analytics is a unique and powerful offering that other vendors in the space haven’t come close to matching. Selector has already signed on several high-caliber customers and their Series A funds will help them continue their North American expansion, ramp up R&D, and hire top-notch executives to round out their leadership team.

SineWave is committed to investing in innovative technologies that help organizations realize the true value of data by eliminating complexities and lowering the barrier of entry for analytics and data processing. We believe Selector has the vision, technology and go-to-market strategy to accomplish these goals and transform AIOps in the enterprise.