Why SineWave invested in Stacklet

SineWave is excited to share our Series B investment in Stacklet. Stacklet is the enterprise managed version of the open-source platform Cloud Custodian, which enables developers to enforce and automate cloud security and governance policy at scale via simple YAML. In addition to ensuring at-scale governance and security, Stacklet enables customers to manage permissions within their cloud deployments and ensure resource efficiency.

Stacklet will enable organizations to reap the benefits of the cloud without compromising on cost and security. But unlike most solutions today which are siloed and narrowly focused, Stacklet helps organizations holistically tackle their biggest cloud challenges without disrupting critical workflows or forcing users to drastically adjust their processes.

Stacklet’s co-founders – Travis Stanfield and Kapil Thangvaleu – met almost a decade ago while at Capital One. Together, Travis and Kapil built Cloud Custodian to assist in Capital One’s own journey to full cloud modernization.

Today, Cloud Custodian has been downloaded over 500 million times and is being used by a significant portion of the Fortune 500. Stacklet’s FinOps modules have been a particularly powerful use case for some of their highest value customers, including Electronic Arts, Truist, CoStar, and Workday. And moving forward, we believe that Stacklet will be a massive asset to the federal government, as federal agencies will only increase their cloud regulatory and enforcement mandates moving forward.

Accordingly, SineWave is excited to be part of Stacklet’s journey, and proud to lead their Series B round, alongside existing investor Foundation Capital, and new investors Uncorrelated Ventures, Strait Capital, and Capital One Ventures.