Wall Street Journal: It’s Time to Change the Cybersecurity Metaphors We Use

June 7, 2022by SineWave Press

SineWave GP Pat Muoio writes as a WSJ Expert: “It’s Time to Change the Cybersecurity Metaphors We Use”

There’s a lot to be learned from the words we use to describe things. Cybersecurity is a case in point.

The prevailing metaphor people use when they talk about cybersecurity is that of attack— of cyberwar and cybercrime. It’s understandable, but such language aims our solutions outward at the attacker, with tools focused on things like perimeter defense, threat assessment and analysis of attack surface. In short, we focus on the bad guys.

Contrast that with the notion that cybersecurity is all about keeping an organization’s systems healthy. Now our attention is turned to internal monitoring, avoiding risky behaviors, closing down vulnerabilities—the open wounds that let bad things take hold. We examine ourselves.

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