Shabodi Named Innovator and Emerging Vendor in Private 5G Deployment by IDC

Shabodi is pleased to be included in the IDC’s latest manufacturing insights report on “5G Trends and Applications in Asia/Pacific Manufacturing” as an Innovator and emerging vendor in the private 5G deployment area for industry 4.0 along with other vendors such as such as Ericsson, ZTE corporation, Nokia and Celona.

This IDC report presents 5G technology trends, adoption metrics, investments, and associated regulatory initiatives. It also provides a top-level view of the prominent vendors in this field along with relevant examples that highlight possible use cases that can be implemented within the next 12 months.

As the need for improved reliability and latency increases, the need for advanced communication technologies that support large data transfer rates also rises. 5G technology, to a large extent, aids in addressing traditional networking challenges but has its own set of issues around policy readiness, standardization, costs, ecosystem maturity, and skill set availability. Although several implementation cases are still in the pilot phase, the benefits accrued justify the associated efforts.

Shabodi has been partnering with various equipment providers, network operators (enterprises and service providers),  smart factories and innovation labs to architect, design & implement various use cases. Examples of the use cases include real-time ultra-high-definition video, quality of service, automation and high levels of operational security.

Shabodi’s Application Enablement Platform (AEP), enables industrial application developers to create “network aware applications”. These network aware applications can utilize the advanced Programmable Networks – 3GPP based fixed, wireless and other access mechanisms including 802.11ax, Satellite access etc.

To access this insightful report, visit the IDC research page.

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