Cybernews: US Takes on China’s Tech: Some Threats Are Real but America Likes a Bogeyman

April 5, 2023by SineWave Press

SineWave GP Pat Muoio was featured in Cybernews: “The AI bubble is bound to burst, and bigly: VC founder” by Gintaras Radauskas

TikTok, DJI drones, Huawei, export controls – the US-China tech war is definitely real. Experts say concerns are based on solid evidence of danger. However, it’s also a rather blatant attempt to slow down China’s relentless rise to economic superpower status.

“China does have significant technological capability and may indeed be a popular vendor for other nations. The best way to win this race, though, is to make the US tech better, not to make the Chinese tech harder to get,” said Patricia Muoio, a cyber expert at venture capital firm SineWave who previously worked at the US Department of Defense for 30 years.

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