Seeking Alpha: The AI Bubble is Bound to Burst, and Bigly: VC Founder

October 14, 2023by SineWave Press

SineWave was featured in Seeking Alpha: “The AI bubble is bound to burst, and bigly: VC founder” by Christiana Sciaudone

The bubble in artificial intelligence is bound to burst, and it’ll probably do so next year, according to one venture capitalist.  That doesn’t mean the technology isn’t real, however.

“AI is the next revolution in tech, but it’s also been around forever,” Yanev Suissa, the founder of venture capital firm SineWave Ventures, said in an interview with Seeking Alpha this week, while pointing to facial recognition technology as an example. The firm has $300M in assets under management. “It’s one of those things that’s going to pop and it’ll be a huge pop. And then it’ll sort itself out, right?”

Read the full article here.

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